Boggs Environmental Consultants (BEC) offers the highest quality of Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Industrial Hygiene services provided by our team of experienced, educated and certified individuals:

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Indoor Air Quality
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Industrial Hygiene

The regulatory environment is changing across all forms of industry throughout the world, as governments require that companies meet or exceed safety requirements and standards. In this quickly changing dynamic, firms are not only seeking the best possible outlets to stay in compliance, but also to ensure the safest possible work environment for their employees and communities. BEC understands the importance of all aspects of the process safety management lifecycle and compliance environment, especially in industrial settings. We are committed to working with our clients to develop systematic approaches to protect people and property.

BEC has diverse experience in working with occupational safety, process safety, and consequence mitigation that allows our clients to take advantage of the appropriate standard, tool, or technique to identify, reduce, and mitigate risk for a wide array of hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Crystalline Silica; Organics/Solvents; Man-made Mineral Fibers and Perchloric Acid. BEC offers a wide assortment of professional services to meet your needs including:
• Hazardous Materials Assessments, Surveys & Inspections
• Hazardous Materials Exposure Risk Assessments
• Hazardous Materials Abatement Specifications & Plans
• Hazardous Materials Abatement Contract Administration
• Industrial Hygiene Abatement Monitoring
• Operations & Maintenance Program Development

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) remains one of the most persistent and visible issues of concern to the general public. BEC serves both large and small residential, commercial and industrial clients by providing the kinds of solutions that solve today's indoor air quality challenges. We meet your needs with broad and in-depth knowledge of your business and production processes; coupled with comprehensive knowledge of Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.

Our staff offers expertise in indoor air quality and human health impact assessments, air quality permitting, ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring, design and oversight of source monitoring programs, emission inventory development, noise evaluations, and impact assessments.

Environmental Health & Safety Audits

Designed to ensure that your employees are following the regulations and procedures set forth by your organization are followed. Identification of risks and potential loss, assess the effectiveness of EHS management systems, assess compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate standards, define opportunities for best management practices.

Safety & Health Compliance Programs & Training

Employers are encouraged to institute and maintain a program to provide systematic policies, procedures and practices that are adequate to recognize and protect their employees from occupational safety and health hazards. BEC offers a comprehensive training program to employers in order to ensure that their employees perform their job responsibilities in a safe and healthy manner

Risk Exposure Assessments

The EPA defines exposure as ‘contact between an agent and the visible exterior of a person (e.g. skin and opening into the body).

BEC offers risk exposure assessments in order to identify potential exposures to humans and the environment from the production, distribution, use, disposal and recycle of a chemical substance. Exposure assessment is just as important as hazard identification in determining risk from a chemical substance, because risk is a function of both hazard and exposure.

Infrared Thermography

Utilizing the most advanced Infrared Thermography sensors, our highly-skilled inspectors will evaluate the performance and safety of electrical and mechanical systems, steam plants, roofing and insulation, as well as the identification of potential dangerous and costly problems within buildings and building systems.

Additional Environmental Services

BEC offers a wide variety of Environmental and Industrial Hygiene programs to include:

  • Site Characterization:
    Phase I & II environmental assessments; environmental site characterization and remediation reports; groundwater monitoring, well installation and sampling; storm water run-off analysis.

  • Environmental:
    Air, Soils, Waste Water, Groundwater, and Particulate Matter

  • Oil and Natural Gas Sampling

  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Design and Environmental Testing

  • Permitting: NPDES, Stormwater, Air Emissions, Wastewater

  • Underground Storage Tanks:
    Design of compliance programs and reports; leak detection and monitoring; site characterization; remediation design of contaminated soils and groundwater

  • Building Condition Assessments:
    Evaluation of major building systems has become the industry standard prior to, or after real estate transactions of. The BEC evaluation process helps provide the prospective purchaser understand what the potential environmental impact and by extension associated fees would be for the intended renovation.

    As an integral constituent of our building condition assessment protocol; BEC utilizes the most state-of-the-art Infrared Thermography sensor technology. Our highly-skilled inspectors will evaluate the performance and safety of electrical and mechanical systems, steam plants, roofing and insulation, as well as the identification of potential dangerous and costly problems within buildings and building systems.
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